Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 Cult Control Complete Pro BMX Bike Review

2016 Cult Control Complete Pro BMX Bike On Sale Now
2016 is here, and that means a whole new crop of bmx bike releases. Why are you seeing bmx reviews on a graffiti website? Well, what other vehicle is going to allow you to get through some areas, and still get away when you need to bail? I love BMX, and have ridden for years, and have seen a lot of artists using them as their main transportation. Carry a backpack and you can easily ride through town on these things. Plus, you can get extreme. I love skateboarding too, but with the new year here, I wanted to highlight bmx bikes and review them. With that in mind the 2016 Cult Control Complete Pro BMX Bike is now here, and it stands out very well. It’s under 600 dollars, and has some really slick features. Cult Bmx has done it again.

2016 Cult Control Complete Pro BMX Bike Features

Alright, let’s look at the features that you see up front. What you will get when you pick up this bike is a 20.75 inch toptube, 13 inch chainstay, a 71 degree seattube angle, and a headtube angle of 75 degrees, black frame, Cult pedals, and strong chain. The wheels are also colored brown, and the seat contrasts with that color way. You can buy the all black version too, but it’s this stand out that I’m reviewing for the moment. Up front, you are getting a good hybrid bmx for those that are looking at a ride that can take you to work and back, or could get you through dirt, clay, and other arenas. Looking deeper, consider the topload stem, 9 inch chromoly bars, Cult vans grips, alloy lever, u-brake, 3-pc cranks, and several elements that are going to prove to you that this is coming from Cult bmx.

The Weight and Color of The 2016 Cult Control Complete Pro BMX Bike

Again, the listed option here is 40 pounds, but honestly, it’s not that heavy. I rode around with my friend’s bike the other day, and it didn’t feel that heavy. I put some weight on it, bunny hopped, and just found that this is a bike for both extremes and simple rides. I don’t know, I’m getting older so I’m not doing the same things I did when I was a teen, but this is a strong bike none the less. It’s definitely a weighty bike, no doubt, but it’s not as heavy as my old Redline Double X that I rode in Santa Clarita, California. It still feels strong though, if I do say so myself.

2016 Cult Control Complete Pro BMX Bike Available Now

If you haven’t purchased a new bike in a while, and you’re looking at bmx options, then you definitely want to check out 2016 Cult Control Complete Pro BMX Bike right now. You can order it online and get it shipped to you. You can put it together as is, or you could customize it with some bells and whistles. Out of the box, you are not going to get a lot of bells and whistles here, which is why some may not want to get it. However, it’s far less than 600, and at press time, it’s lower than 500 dollars if you order it now. If you’re looking for a good bmx, here’s your chance to pick up the 2016 Cult Control Complete Pro BMX Bike. Click here to order it online, and get to riding.

Cult Sig Series 2016 HAWK Trans Purple Complete Pro BMX Bike Review

Cult Sig Series 2016 Hawk Trans Purple Complete 
As 2016 proves to be another banner year for BMX, I wanted to start to review bikes. I reviewed a ton of them in the past, and well, I figured it was time to do it once again. Starting with the Cult Sig Series 2016 HAWK Trans Purple Complete Pro BMX Bike. This is a 2016 edition from Cult BMX and they have really done a lot to put the consumer’s input in place. I have tested and ridden a lot of BMX bikes in my day, but this one seems to be one of the best that I’ve tried. But is the 2016 really worthwhile? At under 600 dollars, is it really going to let you do what you want in the streets?

Cult Sig Series 2016 HAWK Trans Purple Complete Pro BMX Bike Features

First and foremost, let’s consider the features that you are going to see up front. You’re going to find that the literal elements include 9 inch chromoly bars, 3 piece cranks that have been heat treated, and 2.4 inch Odyssey Hawk tires. These are the basics, but what really stands out is the 510 Cult BMX chain, and the Cult PC pedals, which really hurt if you’re not careful. Try riding the Cult Sig Series 2016 HAWK Trans Purple Complete Pro BMX Bike without shin guards and let the pedal snap back and you’ll feel a whole new pain in the shins than ever before.

The Weight and Color of The Cult Sig Series 2016 Hawk

The color on this edition of the Cult Sig series bike is indigo, with black outlines, and the standard elements you’d expect from the Hawk Trans line up. When you purchase this bike online, you will find that the weight is 40 pounds, but the overall weight of the bike is not so heavy. If you’re used to freestyle, you’ll find that the bike is actually light weight, and you can customize it to make it much lighter if that’s what you’re after.

Cult Sig Series 2016 HAWK Trans Purple Complete Pro BMX Bike On Sale Now

If your shop doesn’t have this, don’t worry> you can pick up the Cult Sig Series 2016 HAWK Trans Purple Complete Pro BMX Bike online by clicking here. It’s on sale right now at under 600 dollars. However, what you really want to know is whether or not this bmx for 2016 is worth it?

My final answer? Yes. The Cult Sig Series has a full update, and a stronger frame, better wheels, and solid pedals. The 510 chain is strong, and this really is a freestyle bike that has a lot of promise. It’s not a “bells and whistles” type of bmx, but it has strong elements that are worth investing into. Overall, I say it is a solid bike, with a lot of promise. Check out the features and more for yourself, by clicking here. You may be surprised by what Cult BMX has to offer for 2016.

Video: NYC Graffiti Artist Sends A Serious Message To ISIS - Must SEE!

NYC Artist Has A Strong Message For Isis
An abandoned Subway Station is the backdrop for this incredible graffiti message. Graffiti Writer “Ratter” goes deep into a subway tunnel and drops some serious rhetoric for those that are supporting Isis right now. The message is so strong, you have to see it! This is some incredible stuff, and Ratter really puts on a showcase. You can see more via, otherwise, hit the jump to see what this NYC artist has to say about Isis and their supporters. When you learn how to draw graffiti, you can do incredible work like this, hats off Ratter, hats off, this is some sick work. After the jump, see the full video.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Graffiti Artist Needed

Graffiti Artist Needed
compensation: DOE + $50 for first submission
Graffiti Artist Needed

Graffiti artists needed for contract work, web projects and more. If you can work with various sprays, caps, and take images with your phone, this can be a full time opportunity.

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Video: You’ve Never Seen Bugs Bunny Like This Before!

Ghost EA Graffiti Looney Tunes Video 

There’s a lot of great art out there, but you haven’t seen anyone put Looney Tunes on blast quite like this. Bugs Bunny gets the super style treatment in this video, you gotta see it to believe it. Graffiti artist Ghost EA really puts on a show, tutorial, or whatever you want to call it. If you want to learn how to graffiti, here’s a video that will make you want to get some canvas and get to work.  Video after the jump.
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