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Sunday, July 10, 2016

BMX Graffiti Gallery

As you may have seen, I’ve been putting up reviews for BMX bikes and working on a few things on the backend of this blog. I wanted to showcase that a lot of graffiti artists that I know, ride BMX. The reason? The bikes are light, fast, and are easier to carry in a bind than a road bike. Obviously, this is a matter of opinion, but if you’re going to ride a bike, why not pick up a pro model? Whatever the case may be, there’s a connection between bikes and graffiti, and here’s a gallery to showcase that sort of notion.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White Review

For those that only want to have a premium BMX bicycle, this is the mother of them all. This is a seriously hyped one, and it’s going to run you around 2,000 dollars. When you first look at the 2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White, you are going to be surprised. It doesn’t seem like a big one, and it’s not. It’s only 20.5 inches, but it packs a serious punch if you’re going to be looking at a professional solution for your extreme needs.

2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White Features

When you break down the 2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White features, you’re going to find that there is a lot to go over. Some of the main highlights include the mid cast BB shell, the internal HT, full chromo 1 1/18 threaded CN steerer with tapered legs, and of course the solid handlebar and stem. The headset, the 990 ubrake, and the alloy brake levers also come to mind, as well as the 28T alloy sprocket. The saddle and premium angled seat, as well as the pedals which are loose ball resin, all make for a serious bike.

The Weight and Color of The 2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White

When looking at the weight overall, I clocked it in at around 25 pounds, however, if you make a few modifications, you’re going to be absolutely floored by how light it is. The saddle and elements are built into the frame, allowing for lightweight bonding and strength throughout the core. The overall body is quite nice, and for the price that you’re paying, it better be, right? The 2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White has a lot to offer, especially if you’re looking at putting in some miles on this one.

2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White Available Now

For those that are looking at an extreme BMX bicycle, you will absolutely adore what the 2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White offers. It’s priced at 2,000 right now, and despite the high asking price, people are buying it across the country. Stores are selling out, and many aren’t even putting it on sale, because it is that good. If you’re going to buy a 2016 extreme BMX bike, then you need to consider purchasing the 2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White today. You can click here to pick it up, and see why so many are calling this the BEST 2016 BMX bike you can get.

Friday, July 8, 2016

2016 Fit Begin OSS 2 Complete Pro Bmx Bike Review

Those that are looking for a 2016 BMX, there are a lot of options that you can consider overall. If you’re in the market for the best solutions, then the 2016 Fit Begin OSS 2 Complete Pro Bmx is going to definitely be on your radar. This is a professional level bike that is meant for those that are going to be racing or hitting street obstacles. It’s a professional grade option that can be used for freestyle on land or on ramps, and can take you from point A to point B with relative ease. Before picking up this bike, consider a few features that and solutions that may appeal to you.

2016 Fit Begin OSS 2 Complete Pro Bmx Bike Features

The 2016 Fit Begin OSS 2 Complete Pro Bmx is a best selling bike that has a lot to offer those that are looking for bikes that are going to get them across the highways and byways. The features include a CrMO Triangle, 20.75 inch top tube, 4 piece handlebar, and 25/9 gearing with left side drive. The rear hub sealed cassette is 14MM and has a 1 piece driver overall.

The Weight and Color of The 2016 Fit Begin OSS 2 Complete Pro Bmx Bike

The overall weight and color of this solution is only around 25 pounds. Of course, you can modify it a bit to allow you to shave a few ounces and even a few pounds off of the bike itself. This option is in black, and it usually runs you a pretty penny. You can obviously paint it another color if you would like to get a customizable solution.

2016 Fit Begin OSS 2 Complete Pro Bmx Bike Black Available Now

The 2016 Fit Begin OSS 2 Complete Pro Bmx is a solid BMX bike, and it’s part of the best of 2016 series. However, you’ll find that it’s sold out a lot. At press time, this one was sold out on amazon, but if you have a local BMX shop, you can go with them to pick it up. You can buy it by clicking here if it's in stock. 

Now, if you absolutely can’t find it, and you want a couple of alternatives, I would suggest you look into these two next bikes.

The 2016 Cult Control Complete Pro BmX

For those that don’t have the money to spend on a thousand dollar bmx, you can always pick up the The 2016 Cult Control Complete Pro BmX. This is priced right under 480 dollars, and it is quite good compared to the Fit Begin OSS 2. While it’s not quite as high priced, it still features a lot of elements that you would expect from a pro form BMX bicycle. It comes in 2 different colorways, and the asking price is low. You’ll find that it’s positively reviewed, and it’s going to end up giving you a great overall amount of fun. For freestyle and for riding in the streets, the The 2016 Cult Control Complete Pro BmX is definitely a good alternative to the 2016 Fit Begin, if you can’t find it in stock. You can buy the 2016 Cult Control Complete by clicking here.

The Cult Sig Series 2016 Dak Brown Complete Pro BmX Bike

The Cult Sig Series 2016 Dak Brown Complete Pro BmX Bike is a solid solution at around 600 dollars. This one is usually in stock since it costs a lot less than the other options you may find on top 10 lists online. This one has a lot of great features including an angled head tube, an angled seattube, and customizations that you can put in yourself. You can click here to pick up this BMX by clicking here.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Top 11 2016 BMX Bikes You Should Look Into Getting This Year

The summer months are here, and you may be in the market for a new BMX bike. I recommend riding BMX more than I do skateboards because it’s faster. When you’re carrying a backpack full of art supplies, and you want to get to your destination without a vehicle, this is the best solution. You can even bring your skateboard with you if you’re going to hit a session at a cool spot. Whatever the case is, these are the best 11 BMX bikes for 2016, and they range in prices. These are based on reviews, sales, and overall quality of design. If you’re going to pick up a BMX, you will no doubt want to share, like, and comment on this list of bikes. If you’re looking at picking them up, you can do so by clicking the links to get them delivered to your front door.

2016 Fit Begin OSS 2 Complete Pro Bmx Bike Black

We start our list with the 2016 Fit Begin OSS 2 Complete Pro Bmx Bike. This is one of the professional models that are getting a lot of buzz right now. The overall weight is what is interesting, at 25 pounds, it may seem like it’s going to weigh you down, but that’s not the case. There’s a lot of precision that has gone into putting this one together. You’ll find that the overall top tube is nearly 21 inches, and the 4-piece handlebar is uniquely designed to help you with spin radius and more. The gear set up is on the left side, but you won’t need to worry too much about that, as you’ll find that it’s recessed a bit to allow for easier peddling, tricks and more. The rear hub is sealed cassette type, and if you purchase this option it comes with pegs, and everything you need to hit the road. The 2016 Fit Begin OSS 2 Complete Pro Bmx Bike is under 500 bucks right now and available in black and other colors. You can order with free shipping by clicking here.

2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White

Here we go, if you’re going to get a serious BMX that is going to last you a long time, then you are going to want to sink some serious coin into the 2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White. This is a glossy white finished bicycle that has everything you could possibly want from your bmx. It’s light weight, nearly 21 inches long, and it’s been designed for extreme glories. Now, you’re going to find that the price tag reflects the amount of craftsmanship that has gone into this bicycle. This is not just for you to learn how to ride, this is a professional grade option to get you moving, into the air, and wherever you may be venturing towards. It’s going to cost around 2,100 dollars at press time, but you can find it for less if you’re lucky. Some of the features on this one include mid cast BB shell, internally sealed headset, sealed bearing axle, premium alloys, stainless steel black spokes, premium tires, pivotal saddle, and a weight that is going to shock you when you pick it up. For around 2,000, you can buy this and have it delivered to your door by clicking here.

2016 Fit Prospect Complete Bmx Bike

Ok, let’s drop the price a lot for this one. Not everyone is going to want to spend 2,000 dollars on a bmx bike. That’s fine. This is going to be a lot more affordable, but will still have a lot of great overall features. This bike is the 2016 Fit Prospect Complete Bmx Bike. It’s balanced quite nicely, at 20.25 inches in tube length, and it has a 990 mounts brake mounting. The handlebar comes in 2 pieces, and the headset adjusts ever so slightly. The weight on this one is 25 pounds, and it’s a more traditional riding bmx. You can still do tricks with it, but priced way under 400 dollars, you’re going to have to do your own modifications if you’re going to race, or do freestyle with this one. I like it personally as it’s a low cost, high efficiency riding bike, as well as just enough weight to do a few jumps here and there. Priced to move, you can click here to purchase this one today.

Cult Sig Series 2016 AK Luminous Yellow Complete Bmx

If you’re looking for style and design, then you’re going to want to pick up on the Cult Sig Series 2016 AK Luminous Yellow Complete Bmx. This has an amazing paint job on it, and something that even I’m envious about. I almost picked this one up last month, but went for a different route due to price and budget. Regardless, this is a 21 inch bmx, with a 75-degree head tube, a 71-degree seat tube, and an overall design that was made for you to flow through speed cycles, and jumps without brakes. Of course, you could add your own brake system, and you can upgrade some of the elements, but it’s really meant for freestyle. Cult BMX not only matches the design quality a bike that is way under 30 pounds, with a nice overall design element. It’s sleek, it’s fast, and the yellow paint job ensures you’re not lost in traffic for drivers that are idiots. You can click here and buy this one for around 550 dollars.

2016 Haro Leucadia Bmx

Moving forward to another instant classic for the 2016 best BMX bikes you can buy, is the 2016 Haro Leucadia Bmx. This is a bike that is going to absolutely stun, and it’s a best seller. There’s not a lot of them left in many stores, but you can pick one up online. This is a 20.3-inch bike, that has a lot of elements that you’ll love. For those that are looking at precision freestyle, and want to have a single brake element, with a lightweight body, this is the one. You’ll find that you can ride long distance if you’d like, adjust the seat, and spin just enough to make it worth your time. The aluminum body frame is light weight, and easy to jump with, and the price tag is just under 1,000 dollars. Of course, you can always modify it to meet your individual needs, but overall, this is not a bike you want to miss out on if you’re looking for a mixed use bmx. You can order this for around 1,000 dollars by clicking here.

2016 Premium La Vida Bmx Matte Black

For those that are looking at high end bmx bikes, you’re going to love the release of the 2016 Premium La Vida Bmx Matte Black. Premium BMX has done a serious upgrade to their release of this one. This has all premium design elements, with 2016 modeling letting everything you want in a freestyle bike come through. It’s an easy to set up bicycle that allows for easy stop and go, turning radius that can get you really low to the ground, and length that is just right for freestyle jumping. You’re going to find that the grips, matte black finish, and light weight body are just part of what makes this one a serious contender for the best bmx of 2016. You have 990 u brake set up, a 14mm axle, a rear cassette hub with sealed bearing, stainless black spokes, and customizations that you can do on your own, leave as is. The 2016 Premium La Vida Bmx Matte Black can be ordered here, and it costs just under 1,800. You can order the 2016 Premium La Vida Bmx Matte Black by clicking here and get it shipped to your home 90 percent complete.

DK Model X Bmx Bike Raw 2016

For those that are going to complain about this list only having the highest end of bikes, don’t worry, I got you covered. In looking for the best of 2016, this one opposed up. The DK Model X Bmx Bike Raw 2016 has serious upgrades from the past. You’ll find that the frame is lightweight, the tires are premium, the handlebars come in a 2-piece design with a fully welded x-bar. It’s an easy spin if you’re going to let your brake go. One of the premier elements on this one is the internally butted and tapered tubing, as well as the custom plate brake bridge. I was shocked at the customizations that came into this one, especially with an asking price of under 600 dollars. I kid you not. You can pick up the DK Model X Bmx Bike Raw 2016 by clicking here, and ordering it online for less than MSRP.

2016 Premium Stray Bmx Black

Heading back into the premium cycles, you’re going to find that the 2016 Premium Stray Bmx is nothing to scoff at. This black bike is going to impress even the hardest of BMX critics. It’s got a full 20.5-inch shell, forks that are thread less and tapered through the legs, handlebar with stem that has an 8.25 rise. You’ll find that handlebars are set loosely and easy to turn, and alloy tektro brake levers. The single wall rims are light weight, and the loose ball resin pedals are absolutely easy to use. This is a lightweight bike that delivers on the name of premium. It’s impressive to see how this one actually performs, as when testing it out, I was able to launch off a small ramp and get some serious air. You can always customize it a bit, but overall, this is a lightweight, serious bmx for those that want precision crafting, and upgrade possibilities. You can order the 2016 Premium Stray Bmx here, for right under 1,000 dollars.

2016 Premium Solo Bmx Gloss Black

Once again, headed into the best in the business, this is a bmx bike for those that are serious about getting gout into the streets and taking off. Whether you have someone chasing you or you just want to get to your next graffiti project fast, you’ll find that the 2016 Premium Solo Bmx Gloss comes through with a serious attention to details. You’ll find that the internal thread chromo steerer is easy to use, the alloy front load stem is complimented by a hi-ten 8.5 rise, and the brake system is easy to utilize up front with an alloy 990 u brake. The wheels are premium, the black spokes are sleek, and the weight is lighter than you’d expect from a full blown mid bb shell with chromo downtube. Overall, the 2016 Premium Solo Bmx Gloss is premier, top of the line bmx for 2016. This option is going to set you back right under 1400 dollars, but it absolutely shows. Click here to order it and have it shipped to you 90 percent complete.

2016 Premium Stray Bmx Gloss Metallic Blue

One of the coolest things about the 2016 Premium Stray Bmx Gloss Metallic Blue is the paint job. That’s one of the reasons why I liked this one when testing out the best of 2016 bmx bikes. This is one of my personal favorites for the paint, but the elements on it are good too. It’s 20.5 inches, and it has simple functionalities, front brake with a 990 u brake backend, and easy to move multiple piece handlebar set. The seat is adjustable, the framing is lightweight, and upgrades are possible throughout. Need pegs? Need different wheels? Whatever the case is, you can upgrade this one to be you remain road bike or your freestyle bike you flip, turn, and swing with. Priced just below 1,000 dollars, it’s a solid release from Premium BMX. You can order the 2016 Premium Stray Bmx Gloss Metallic Blue by clicking here, and have it at your door fast.

2016 Premium CK Signature Bmx Semi-Gloss Black

The last bike we are featuring is like the Rolls Royce of freestyle bmx bikes. This is a professional grade, serious bike for those that want the best in the business. Made for dirt, from what I can gather, it’s going to allow you to modify a lot of elements for land freestyle, as well as jumps, ramps and more. This one is made for the extreme, with strong tubing, a 20.8 frame set, multiple piece cranks, solid, adjustable handlebar set, and adjustable seat. Weighing under 25 pounds, it’s going to surprise you with how strong it is. Now, the price tag on the 2016 Premium CK Signature Bmx Semi-Gloss will give you sticker shock, as it’s right under 3,200 dollars. It’s premium through and through, and if you’re going to get the absolute best, then this is the one to get. It’s a top seller, and when you break down the reviews that are online for it, you’ll no doubt see why. You can order the 2016 Premium CK Signature Bmx Semi-Gloss Black by clicking here and getting it delivered.

There you have it. The top 11 2016 BMX bikes you may want to pick up today. You can order them via the links and see which is going to be the one you’re riding around the town.

Pro Wrestling - WWE Graffiti Examples - Learning Graffiti The Right Way

There are a lot of different graffiti types that you can learn. Learning graffiti doesn’t mean that you have to tag your name all the time. In fact, it’s just a part of the larger process of education. I used to live in Los Angeles, California, and there were a lot of tags that were just a matter of names scribbled on walls. The best artists in the world, however, come up with unique designs that speak to them. One of the most unique concepts that you’re going to find, and something that you may want to focus on is that of inspiration design flow from your own favorites.

For instance, you could move forward with learning graffiti that is based on the movies, video games, and television shows that you enjoy. For instance, you will find that a lot of people work with WWE and pro wrestling options. In fact, there are a lot of streets that are littered with different solutions. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll be able to put together with different colors and different lines.

Of course, in order to get the full framework of the things that are shown below, and really start your quest in learning graffiti, you’ll need different caps. The images that you will see below are created with different caps, over a lot of different points in time. It’s something that is absolutely grand. If you are going to learn how to draw graffiti, you can definitely go forward with WWE designs like the ones that are featured below.

Now, you may take a great deal of time to get good enough to create some of the images below, but hey, you have to start somewhere. If you’re going to get serious about the process of learning graffiti, then make sure that you take these images as inspiration, and then focus on building your portfolio.

Of course these are just some of the main images that have been put up in the streets. I don't recommend that you go forward with putting up anything of this type, until you get good at mixing up caps. You'll need several different graffiti caps that you need to experiment with in order to learn proper form. Again, learning graffiti takes time, so don't just assume that you can get things done in a "rushed" manner.

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