Saturday, July 9, 2016

2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White Review

For those that only want to have a premium BMX bicycle, this is the mother of them all. This is a seriously hyped one, and it’s going to run you around 2,000 dollars. When you first look at the 2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White, you are going to be surprised. It doesn’t seem like a big one, and it’s not. It’s only 20.5 inches, but it packs a serious punch if you’re going to be looking at a professional solution for your extreme needs.

2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White Features

When you break down the 2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White features, you’re going to find that there is a lot to go over. Some of the main highlights include the mid cast BB shell, the internal HT, full chromo 1 1/18 threaded CN steerer with tapered legs, and of course the solid handlebar and stem. The headset, the 990 ubrake, and the alloy brake levers also come to mind, as well as the 28T alloy sprocket. The saddle and premium angled seat, as well as the pedals which are loose ball resin, all make for a serious bike.

The Weight and Color of The 2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White

When looking at the weight overall, I clocked it in at around 25 pounds, however, if you make a few modifications, you’re going to be absolutely floored by how light it is. The saddle and elements are built into the frame, allowing for lightweight bonding and strength throughout the core. The overall body is quite nice, and for the price that you’re paying, it better be, right? The 2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White has a lot to offer, especially if you’re looking at putting in some miles on this one.

2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White Available Now

For those that are looking at an extreme BMX bicycle, you will absolutely adore what the 2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White offers. It’s priced at 2,000 right now, and despite the high asking price, people are buying it across the country. Stores are selling out, and many aren’t even putting it on sale, because it is that good. If you’re going to buy a 2016 extreme BMX bike, then you need to consider purchasing the 2016 Premium Duo BMX Gloss White today. You can click here to pick it up, and see why so many are calling this the BEST 2016 BMX bike you can get.

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