Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Can You Make Money While Learning To Draw Graffiti?

NYC Style Graffiti - Commissioned - SRC The New York Times
The number one thing that people discuss when they are seeking to draw graffiti is in regard to money. Could you make money while learning to draw graffiti? I mean, there are people that do in fact make a lot of money with their art, and you could to. However, you need to know how to work with things that are marketable. You cannot just show up at an art gallery and start selling your items. Nor can you just set up a simple option in an office or your bedroom and hope to get a lot of attention for your process. In order to make money while learning to draw graffiti, you will need to do a few things, including the following.

Pick Up A Book For Learning To Draw Graffiti

The first bit of advice that I can give you is simple, pick up a book on learning to draw graffiti. I kid you not. There are a few options that you can pursue in this regard. Some options are inexpensive on Amazon as linked on this blog. Other options are members only solutions that are also linked on this page. Either way, if you invest in actually learning from these items, you can in fact learn how to be creative for the purpose of making money.

Get Canvas

Canvas is not expensive. Visit any art store and you can buy a lot of canvas and start working on pieces. If you’re serious about making money, you will need to master the art of graffiti and then have it accessible for people to use. Remember, this is an art form that people hang on their walls, they use in their offices, and other locations. In order to start making money, you are going to not only focus on learning to draw graffiti, you’re going to have to provide a physical portfolio of things that you’ve done. You cannot just have pictures, you need tangible items, which is where canvas can come into play.

Sell Online

If you have gone through the process that has been mentioned above, then your next step should be easy to work with. The step is simple, sell your items through internet opportunities. The simplest of these may be a site called For 20 cents a listing, you could add all of your graffiti works and ask whatever price you want. You could get paid and transfer the money to your bank account, and make serious money. The money made here is not just about helping you with learning to draw graffiti, mind you. It’s about getting attention, including custom work. Put up enough content, and there will be people that ask for commissioned, custom work, which is always a good solution to pursue.

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