Saturday, December 9, 2017

Life, Death Getting Paid To Draw Graffiti

Graffiti Wall By Artist - Aikijuanma - Source WIKIPEDIA 
I just got back from Las Vegas. I was staying at the D Hotel, which is in downtown. Early morning, I was walking around looking for a breakfast spot, and the diner in my hotel hadn’t opened yet. I didn’t know where to go or what to eat, so I took a stroll on Fremont Street. I noticed that there was a man that was setting up a graffiti booth. He had a small booth, and he was going to do live graffiti, so I went over and saw his work and how he was doing what he did. It was an interesting thing to see someone actually doing this live. If you have ever wondered if you could get paid to draw graffiti, then wonder no more. You could make a life out of getting paid to draw, and of course you could get paid to draw graffiti.

Learn The Craft Before You Get Paid To Draw Graffiti 

The first thing that you should know about this is that you need to learn your craft. I asked the guy how he got to a place where one could get paid to draw graffiti, and he said he first learned how to draw. He got a book and was just drawing like a madman, learning how to do curves, and lines, and how to do realism and more. He didn’t go to art school, mind you, he just taught himself through the use of books. Now he gets paid, but at first, he was just doing it to learn, and he would do that hours on end, while in front of a television on the bus, and anywhere he could draw. If you want to get paid to draw graffiti, you’ll need to learn the craft of drawing fist.

Getting Canvas To Practice

From lettering with pencils the dude upgraded to gel markers, and then started to work with spray paint cans on canvas. He said he progressed a lot with cheap canvas, but when he couldn’t afford to buy canvas and long before he was getting paid to draw graffiti, he worked with cardboard. He would find old cardboard boxes and then make them into makeshift canvas and use spray paint to create new art and that would help him learn lines, caps, and more. Now that he is getting paid, he looks back at the learning experience fondly, but it started with just practicing a lot with spray paint.

How Much Can One Get Paid To Draw Graffiti?

Here’s the million dollar question, right? On this blog I keep telling people that they can get paid to draw. Sure, you could look up ideas like, how to get paid to draw graffiti, or you could just take the word of this guy in Las Vegas that I met. How much does he get paid? Well, he sells his art from $5 to $100 each, and he says he makes roughly $50,000 a year. But he only works a few hours a day on the Las Vegas Fremont Experience, and he does it daily, doing what he loves.

If your goal is to get paid to draw graffiti, then you will need to take some advice. Learn the trade, learn to draw, use the links below, and then make sure that this is your obsession, until you can finally get to a place where someone pays you. You cannot just wake up and decide, I want to get paid to draw graffiti, you have to learn a few tricks of the trade, and it starts today. No joke, give it a shot.

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