Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Thrasher Magazine Presents: My War: Chris Joslin Video

Can't say that I ever skated the famous Davis gap. But I will say this much, I was a terrible skater compared to what these guys were doing. I tore my knees up trying to be good at skateboarding, and just couldn't hack it. Even when I returned to skateboarding in 2011 and took it seriously after getting let go of my last "real" job. Man, that was a rush of a year, but now, I'm in the midwest, enjoying life, living it up, and watching these guys tear up their own knees.

This video will take you 5 minutes to watch. It features Chris Joslin tearing it up for 5 minutes. Enjoy it, then skate and destroy, right, right? Whatever.

The Davis gap is one of those spots every skater should visit, because when you're standing on top of that mountain it's hard to imagine anybody making it to the bottom alive. Joslin turned the world upside down with his 360 flip. Here's a look at how it went down.

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