Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Chuck Norris Graffiti Gallery

What do you get when you search for Chuck Norris graffiti online? Well, that's a question that I answered today as I was thinking about blogging and writing in general. In a moment between crafting articles on weight loss, I decided to seek this out myself. I'm surprised that there wasn't more graffiti that honored good ol' Chuck. But hey, that's not my call.

So here you go, a few of the bright spots that I found while looking for Chuck Norris graffiti.

Here are some graffiti resources for learning that you can use today. 

Learn Graffiti Guide - A guide to learn graffiti in PDF form. 

Spray Paint Art - Make money learning how to do serious spray paint art, beyond graffiti. 

Amazon's Listing of Books - Amazon has a ton of books on graffiti, click here to find them as low as a penny each.

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