Friday, November 13, 2015

How To Draw Graffiti: Guide For Beginners Full Review

Right now there is a program that you can find HERE, via Clickbank that is entitled: “How To Draw Graffiti: Guide For Beginners”. I did not see a lot of reviews about it, so I started a blog called “Graffiti Kin” in hopes to promote the product. However, a formal review was not created on that blog. It’s for that reason that I have gone to great lengths to look at this and the compartments that you can get if you decide to purchase this guide.

First and foremost, the guide itself is a document that is quite extensive. When you look at what you will receive when you decide to pick up How To Draw Graffiti: Guide For Beginners, you are going to be given quite a lot of information. If you are not really into “graffiti”, by all means, do not buy the guide. However, if you are sincere about wanting to learn, then this is going to guide you through various stages of the learning process.

10 Things You Will Get When You Buy How To Draw Graffiti: Guide For Beginners

• Full List of Supplies You Will Need To Learn How To Draw Graffiti
• Full Explanations About Paint, Solvents, Markers, and More
• Full Instructions on How To Sketch Graffiti on Paper
• Full Instructions on How To Make a Graffiti Stencil
• Choosing The Right Surfaces For Drawing Graffiti
• Guide To Preparing Surfaces For Spray Paint (degreasing, underpainting etc.)
• Explanations About Different Painting Technique Stages
• Focus on Modern Trends, Style, and Types of Art You Can Draw
• Tricks From The Pros, and Troubleshooting Tips For Common Issues
• A Full List of Links To Current Galleries, Graffiti Forums, and other useful information for beginners and experts alike.

This Is Not Bonus! This is the bulk of the guide that you can purchase right now.This is the full product listing that you will receive when you purchase the How To Draw Graffiti: Guide For Beginners here.

The Bonus Content

Ok, so the 10 things you receive when you order this may not be great for some. But what I found interesting was that there’s a bonus that you will receive when you pick up How To Draw Graffiti: Guide For Beginners. What you will receive a pack of A4 formatted JPG files. These files are 50 graffiti stencils. That’s right, 50 JPEG, A4 formatted, HIGH resolution images that you can modify, print, cut, and then spray paint onto canvas, or wherever you may want to put things on. This is by far the most interesting thing that you will get with this guide. The 50 images are black and white, so that you can easily print them out and then add your own touches, whether with marker or with spray paint onto canvas or whatever medium you prefer to utilize. It’s overall a great solution for those that aren’t sure how to get started with the guide.

Is How To Draw Graffiti: Guide For Beginners A Good Product?

Here is where the rubber meets the road. When you read reviews, you most likely are going to get a sales pitch up front. But that’s not what you’re going to get from me here. I have gone ahead and reviewed the contents that you will receive with this guide. I’ve printed out some of the graphics, and have worked with graffiti artists that know their stuff. I have even featured some of the work on my blog. What I found best about this product is that it really does everything to tell you what to do. It gives you information that other sites and books don’t give you.

I can’t give you access to the member’s area, but I can show you this graphic of the interior that is layered. You will see that you get full images, full galleries, “how to” information, tutorials, examples, images, and much more. You will not just get text, you will receive a full guide, with explanations, definitions, and warnings about everything that you will need. That includes graffiti materials, caps, spray paint, brushes, markers, coloring pencils and so much more. I was skeptical at first, but once I started to explore deeper, I realized that the product is actually very well put together. It’s by far better than anything that I have seen in bookstores today.

I was blown away by the level of detail that you get when you pick up How To Draw Graffiti: Guide For Beginners. The honesty, clarity, and focus on all the ins and outs of drawing, and focusing on graffiti is very clever throughout. It’s conversational, but what I love is the image heavy nature of the tutorials. When I was learning how to draw back in art school, I found myself lost sometimes because graffiti artists don’t always show you their gear, or what they use to make their art. They just tell you. This is not that kind of book or product. The images are detailed, with graphs, graphics, and more. You are not going to get lost here, everything is put together so that you literally learn how to draw graffiti the right way. You cannot say that about other products that are on display right now. Look at the image below and you’ll see what I mean about what is inside How To Draw Graffiti: Guide For Beginners.

An Honest Opinion of How To Draw Graffiti

Ok, so you want an honest opinion on this product, right? Well, I can truly say that it’s one of the better options that I’ve seen on all of Clickbank right now. I’ve reviewed a lot of things from them, but this is one of the best options that you’re going to find in regards to learning art. They also have some features on drawing, sketching, and more, but nothing caught my eye quite like this one. When you go ahead and pick up this option you will get a full guide as to how to learn graffiti, how to draw with spray paint, and the materials necessary to get good.

As a bonus, you will also receive 50 FREE stencils to learn how to draw graffiti on canvas, on your walls, doors, or anywhere else. I am not going to hard sell you on this. You will receive everything I’ve discussed, and showed you. It’s a solid product, and definitely better than anything I’ve seen in print. If you want to learn how to draw this type of art, then go ahead and pick up How To Draw Graffiti: A Guide For Beginners Here. It’s a very good program, and something that I can’t believe more artists haven’t picked up and reviewed.

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