Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ghost EA Hits Up Abandoned Sewage Plant Video

Ok, so you are going to absolutely be floored by GhostPro EA and his graffiti work. He has a ton of videos posted on YouTube, but it’s this one that he put up of him hitting up an Abandoned Sewage plant with graffiti that caught my eye today. If you’re going to learn how to draw graffiti, here’s what you can do, and honestly, how to do it. I love the POV style of drawing graffiti, it’s awesome. Check it out below.

Here are some graffiti resources for learning that you can use today. 

Learn Graffiti Guide - A guide to learn graffiti in PDF form. 

Spray Paint Art - Make money learning how to do serious spray paint art, beyond graffiti. 

Amazon's Listing of Books - Amazon has a ton of books on graffiti, click here to find them as low as a penny each.

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