Monday, November 2, 2015

Pistache Artists Graffiti Gallery #3 London, England - How To Draw Graffiti

For those that aren’t sure what good graffiti looks like, or perhaps how it’s drawn correctly. Here is a good example. From Pistache Artists YouTube page, here’s a graffiti mural done in London, England. You’re going to find that this is a beautiful thing, especially when you learn how to draw graffiti properly. Whether you learn from books or from school, you have to admit, this is amazing. If you’re going to learn, make sure that you do stuff like this, it’s amazing.

Here are some graffiti resources for learning that you can use today. 

Learn Graffiti Guide - A guide to learn graffiti in PDF form. 

Spray Paint Art - Make money learning how to do serious spray paint art, beyond graffiti. 

Amazon's Listing of Books - Amazon has a ton of books on graffiti, click here to find them as low as a penny each.

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